Is what facebook and affiliate marketing have a good complementarity ?

Affiliate marketing remains one of the best avenues to make money online using several marketing techniques. However, the role-played by social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google remains important especially for those who follow the rules. Let’s talk about Facebook and affiliate marketing and how they complement one another.

Overview of Facebook Affiliate marketing

Like other marketing networks, Facebook affiliate Marketing lets marketers use the popularity of Facebook to get more traffic to both a Facebook page and other sites. Affiliate marketing entails getting huge traffic from search engines, however, to make a profit from this could take months or years.

Therefore, using the power of Facebook with about 4 billion users can increase your visibility, thereby guarantee quick sales. Facebook remains the biggest social network in the world and has thousands of pages in several niches. The key to making profit on Facebook is leveraging the huge user’s on the social network to promote your business.

How to affiliate marketing on Facebook?

The complementary relationship between Facebook and affiliate marketing has made it a good avenue to promote your business. To do these effectively, follow these steps:

Share your business on your page

Almost everyone has a Facebook personal page, so why not use it to start affiliate marketing. Though it isn’t that effective, has just the people on your friend’s list who can see your business, but it is a good way to start. Your friends know you and trust you, getting them to patronize you should be easy.

Create a new Facebook group

This is similar to designing a website to promote a product, you could also create a new Facebook group strictly for sharing affiliate links. So anybody who clicks on those links in the group will ensure you get some commission.

Create A page

For beginners who already have a website or blog, they should create a Facebook for it. This is an excellent way to share your post and, affiliate links, and other necessary information about your business.

Using Facebook ads

Learn to use Facebook ads as an affiliate marketing model as it will increase your online visibility. However, you will need to abide by their rules and submit a placement request.

How to get the best out of Facebook affiliate marketing

Now that you have set up, your Facebook page, group, and ads, you will need to work hard to get traffic, here are some ways this can be done:

Get organic likes

To leverage Facebook’s power and influence, getting likes is very crucial. Don’t engage in buying likes or shares, you could be penalized! An organic approach is important by producing good content every time.

Always engage with your customers

Getting likes isn’t enough, be active on Facebook. Engage, your friends, customers, and love ones regularly. Strike a balance between your post and make them feel wanted. Depending on your niche, 4 to 6 posts a week is recommended.

Leverage on influencers

Find Facebook influencers in your niche and discuss with them. These people have huge followers, therefore if they put in a word for you and share your links with their followers it will go a long way.

Affiliate marketing using Facebook is an excellent way to make money, just know the basics, put in some effort and see the effect it would have on your business.

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