How to install a bathroom shower ?

The shower is very popular in the bathrooms. It is modern, economical, comfortable, and practical. In order to make use of your shower, it is important to install it properly. Find out in this article how to install a shower in a bathroom.

Installation of a standard shower

If you want to install a classic shower, you have two options. You can opt for a shower with a tray placed directly on the floor or for a shower with a raised tray. The steps for setting up your space differ from one model to another. For the shower with a tray placed on the floor directly, it is important that the bathroom has a vertical outlet siphon. For this, it is necessary to dig the ground to make a trench. It is in the latter that the wastewater discharge pipe will be installed.

Regarding the shower with raised tray, its installation is very easy. All you need is a horizontal outlet. You don’t need to dig the ground. The most important thing is to raise the shower tray on a plinth. This allows the drainage system to be properly installed between the bin and the floor of the room. This is an affordable and affordable solution.

Installation of a walk-in shower

It is quite possible to install a walk-in shower without a tray. To do this, you don’t need a shower tray. This is a masonry shower whose shower tray is distinguished by its form of a concrete screed. To install this type of shower, it is advisable to call in a professional. In addition, you can choose a walk-in shower with a tiled shower tray. There is necessarily a need to do masonry work. You should also embed the siphon and the drain pipes under the floor of the room. Dressing the receiver is also an important step.

The walk-in shower with an extra-flat shower tray is also an attractive option. It is often chosen during bathroom renovations. For its installation, it is necessary to dig a trench for vertical drainage. It should be noted that this is an inexpensive and very easy to implement the solution.

Installation of a PMR shower

To install a PMR shower, you must meet accessibility standards. An extra-flat recessed or tiled shower tray and a full masonry shower are recommended. You must ensure that the slope of the flow is not steep. It must be well done to allow drainage and prevent it from stagnating. In addition, there are some things you need to take into account.

In addition, you should opt for a non-slip coating to be protected from the risk of falls. A thermostatic shower column to prevent scalding and a shower seat will be of great importance. You can install a grab bar for a rest while showering. Finally, a sliding wall will be preferred for disabled people.

As you will have understood, the installation of a shower in the bathroom is done in various stages. These vary from one type of shower to another.

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