What are the best chatbots on messenger ?

To stay as close as possible to their customers, several companies are using conversational robots. These robots, also called chatbots, are frequently used on the Messenger social network, given the many advantages they possess and are called chatbot Messenger. What are the best chatbots on Messenger? Here are some!


This is a bot developed by the recruitment agency Adecco France in 2017, with the objective of helping people find a job. It automatically answers all your questions and explains all the advantages of consulting Adecco when it comes to finding a job.

As a chatbot Messenger, it is available at all times and can help you access a multitude of job offers. The latter matches the choice criteria prerecorded by the bot.


DOM is a bot specially designed for American users who want their pizza delivered. To use this chatbot messenger, you must have an account, which allows the company to know your preferences and contact details. This way, it makes delivery more efficient and quick. It gives you the possibility to join Domino, and place your order in three different ways namely:

  • Via their Facebook page by choosing one of the published menus
  • Their Messenger username, where you will have to select the company’s preferred menu
  • Their Messenger app by simply sending an emoji or the word pizza

It is secure and customers can track their orders from their accounts. It is so effective, that we can already notice on different platforms, some disappointment because it is not available in some countries like France.


This is a Messenger bot exceptionally dedicated to the world of health. From this program, all health professionals can respond to the slightest concern of users of this bot, from the Messenger social network. From keywords, like health, a list of questionnaires you have submitted, you will just have to choose a question that meets your needs, and you will receive an answer provided by a doctor.

The peculiarity of this tool is that you can contact a doctor for details on a specific subject. Although Healthtap advises and assists you in different situations, it should be noted that its effectiveness cannot be equated with that of a real doctor.

Discord Bot

Discord bot is the conversational robot developed for the needs of fans of the iconic Games of Thrones series. It provides you with a series of questions where you can test your knowledge with your family and friends. To start the quiz, you need to invite people and choose what the Seven Kingdoms Knowledge Battle will be about. Discord Bot is the ultimate entertainment chatbot messenger. Since the series’ wild success, many people want to try their hand at the game; and what better way to┬ádo that, than getting the Discord Bod chatbot Messenger?

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