Which is the best country in the USA ?

The United States is one of the most powerful and influential nations in the world. This free country, where there are some fifty states, can appeal to both for different reasons. Are you interested in the United States? Find out which is its best state.

The best state in the USA according to locals and residents of the country

According to Americans, there are a number of better states of living in the United States. It is a proximity survey carried out in 2017 that provides this information. The said survey is a bit old, but you can see that the trends haven’t changed much today when you look at more recent statistics.

According to this survey, the vast majority of Americans prefer to live in the following state: Hawaii. Which is completely understandable when you know the culture of this state and the warmth of its people. So this is the best place to go to relax and have a vacation.

Next on the list are the states of Alaska, South Dakota, Maine, and Colorado in that order. The reasons for such a ranking are not necessarily the same for all Americans surveyed. That said, the study is mainly based on the quality of access to health care, social and of course economic living conditions.

The best state in the USA in terms of wealth

When you focus on the numbers alone, the best state in the United States is no longer Hawaii, but California. The economic growth recorded by this state is mainly due to the fact that it is home to the headquarters of many successful companies, many of which are members of GAFAM. It is the famous city of Silicon Valley which has within it these infrastructures in addition to several of the best universities.

It must be added that California has exceptional sites known throughout the world. These include Disneyland and Hollywood. In addition, there are rather attractive cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles which attract a multitude of tourists every year.

Also, finding employment is much easier in this state than in many others in the United States. Indeed, the fields of hospitality and communication, for example, offer a lot of jobs in California. Moreover, it should be noted that the particular culture of the United States in general means that even without a diploma, one can exercise a profession. You just need to prove that you have sufficient know-how and experience to have a chance.

For specific profiles

According to the profile, one state looks more interesting than all the others. For seniors with some wealth, the state of Florida is definitely the best in the United States. As an expatriate, you will appreciate Palm Beach and Miami, which combine a multitude of qualities for a peaceful retirement. The climate is particularly mild and offers the opportunity to practice many fun activities such as golf. It should be noted that the health costs are rather high, but food and clothing for example are much more accessible there than in many other states of the USA. Note that the tax rate is advantageous.

Each state in the USA has its own qualities. Depending on your expectations, one state is bound to suit you better than another.

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