What is the best online dating site to use ?

Online dating sites are nowadays the preferred means for romantic relationships. There is a multitude of them, some of which preach seriousness and others illusions. Finding out which dating sites are the most credible remains the huge challenge that users tackle. So what would be the best online dating site to recommend to followers of virtual relationships?


Meetic is one of the serious dating sites that since its inception has successfully created over eight million couples. Users register on a subscription basis. These cash inflows allow the company to finance the development of new features, which has made it attractive for years and reassured users.

Meetic is recognized as the most efficient and leading dating site in the generic market. The Meetic group is today the giant of reliable online dating platforms. The main target of this dating site is the small group of singles looking for a serious long-term romantic relationship.

The Basic Pass, the Discovery Pass, the Unlimited Pass, and the Zen Unlimited Pass are all subscription options that subscribers can take out. The monthly plans at Meetic vary between 9.99 euros to 19.99 euros, and this, over a period of 06 months with various modalities.

Elite Dating

The core target remains the same on Elite Dating. This dating platform is clearly a serious and easy-to-use platform. The first thing to notice about this single dating site is the personality test that is offered to new subscribers upon registration.

In addition to this, the site combines two modes of accessibility. It is both paid and free. The paid subscription allows you to take advantage of the multitude of features. The free mode is subject to limited use of the different sections. Usage restrictions can naturally motivate a user in free mode to quickly switch to the paid offer.

The subscription plans at Élite Rencontre are monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually. These rates are in the range of 12.90 to 99.90 euros per month depending on the various intervals mentioned above. The means of payment for this purpose are bank checks, visa cards, MasterCard, Carte Bleue, PayPal, and American Express. What, in clear, represents a panoply of means of transaction for the happiness of all the users of the site.


A serious affinity dating site, Parship also has a personality test. This allows him to connect with users based on their area of ​​interest. The specificity of the Parship site is that it is aimed at single people in their forties, looking for a serious and lasting relationship. The subscription formulas and the operation are almost identical to those of Meetic.

The method of payment on the online dating site Parship is established on direct debit. For example, for a 06-month contract, there is no question of withdrawing monthly during the term of the subscription. On the contrary, a single direct debit is made of an amount corresponding to the cumulative monthly payments.

In short, the best dating site on the internet is not necessarily the one that is popular, but the one that offers reliable services.

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