The internet expansion: from IPv4 to IPv6 management

In today’s world, a transition from IPv4 to IPV6 started a few years ago. Indeed, we reached a point, where too many devices are now connected to the Internet. The IP addresses management became too slow to ensure a smooth functioning. The risk was, for example, to slow down every download of web pages. Plus, over the years, the number of IP addresses available was decreasing. IPv4 struggled to relocate each address to a new user.


An unexpected need for IPv6 management


First, what was IPv4 ? It appeared at the beginning of Internet. Its objective was to allocate all IP addresses to every user. It could manage almost 4 billion of IP addresses. No one expected that this number could be insufficient. The number of devices, applications and technologies requiring an IP address has considerably increased over the years. There were no more doubt about the need to create an upgraded version. The creation of IPv6 management shows many benefits compared to IPv4:


  • The main difference is the address space which is larger with IPv6 (128 bits against 32 for IPv4)
  • It allocates IP addresses with more efficiency, according to the real need of the requests.
  • IPv6 is safer than its previous version. Indeed, IPSec ensures the protection and the safe communication of datas.
  • No more geographical limits. As United-States created IPv4, they had 50% of IP addresses, but it is no longer the case.

IPv6 management

Another important aspect is that both internet protocols are not incompatible which means that it allows a smooth transition for all devices. Plus, to plan your network, you can use a IPv6 Subnet calculator.


A DDI (DNS-DHCP-IPAM) solution : Improve your IPv6 management


The development of the Internet, networks and devices created a huge need for IP addresses in a company. Indeed, many applications (to communicate, the Cloud…) are requiring an important quantity of IP addresses. Workers need a smooth connection to be effective in their tasks. If they need to wait 5 minutes to get access to each website, their productivity will be slow.


Getting a DDI solution is an essential component for a company to ensure its future objectives. The system needs to be as developed as the actual world is. Before, managing the IP addresses manually was possible due to their low number. Over the years, the number of IP addresses has increased and thanks IPv6, many more are now available. Actually, it is impossible for an administrator to manage everything and to provide a smooth network to the company at the same time. Indeed, it becomes time-consuming and the risk of errors is high.


SOLIDserver appliances of EfficientIP gives the strength that your fondations need. Indeed, it improves the fiability, security and agility of your network infrastructures. It ensures the continuity of services and reduce the operating costs thanks to an intelligent automation. More information available here :


Be aware ! Changing your old manual system is not anymore an option, it is a must have for having a thriving business !

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