What is a master policy for health insurance ?

In the context of health, certain costs in the event of illness or accident can be difficult to cover yourself, especially when you have a modest income. The ideal is to take out health insurance which guarantees you optimal security and protection. However, the agreement between you and an insurance company requires the signing of a health insurance policy. But what is the insurance policy? Here’s what you need to know.

What is the health insurance policy?

An insurance policy is quite simply an insurance contract. Thus, it is equivalent to material proof of the agreement between the insured and the insurance company. An insurance policy is then a document signed by both parties which thus validates the insurance contract between them. In an insurance policy, we find:

  • the various guarantees to which the insured wishes to subscribe;
  • the commitments made by the insurer to the insured;
  • the contract charter to which the insured must comply;
  • the possible insurance deductible;
  • the various deadlines to be observed in the event of termination of the contract.

In France, for example, each citizen is subject to at least one insurance policy through the legal obligation to take out insurance considered compulsory. This is particularly the case with the compulsory health insurance scheme, among others.

What about the insurance policy in the context of health insurance?

The medical insurance policy corresponds to international health coverage. It is optional insurance that gives the subscriber optimal coverage, no matter where they are in the world. This insurance policy is therefore dedicated to particular to people who are often traveling outside French territory and more generally outside the European Union. You note a multiplicity of guarantees included in the medical insurance policy, including the coverage of health and hospital costs.

If you are dual nationals, expatriates, or people on long stays, taking out a medical insurance policy could then be a particularly attractive option for you. However, it is important not to confuse compulsory health insurance with the medical insurance policy. The first is dedicated to coverage and guaranteeing access to healthcare in France. The medical insurance policy is also different from complementary health insurance which is also optional insurance. It serves as a supplement for the coverage of Health Insurance which, generally, is partial.

How do you find your health insurance policy number?

When a health insurance contract is offered to you, it includes a unique insurance policy number. This is very useful because it can be claimed in many situations or procedures. For example, the insurance policy number may be required by a banking institution when you take out a loan. It can also be used as part of an amicable report following an accident. It is possible to find this number in various places such as:

  • the contract itself,
  • the insurance certificate,
  • any document or correspondence issued by your company,
  • the expiry notice sent by your insurer, etc.

Never mind, if you cannot find your insurance policy number in your documents or letters, you can request it by calling your insurer. It is even the most preferred solution by many policyholders.

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