How to install plugins on a modded server ?

Using a server can get boring and boring over time. In this case, it becomes necessary to make upgrades in order to introduce more diversifying features and parameters. So you have to think about installing “additional files” also called “mods” on your server. This content will immerse you in the world of configuring server mods.

Install Modloader

We start by downloading and installing a mod loader. Different types of modloaders exist and are capable of supporting a number of loaded mod files. Some mods have different versions and ensure compatibility with multiple modloaders. We then proceed to the selection of the desired game version and the choice of the modloader version. After identifying the necessary link, the download is performed from the terminal using the “wget” command. At the end of the download, you must let the software run.

At this point, you will see a Forge installation window appear on your screen. Three options appear. You select the option “Install server”. Using the “Browse” button, you must indicate the folder where the Vanilla server is installed (this is the original server). After that, you must press the “OK” or “Enter” key and then wait for the installation to complete.

You may see a red warning appear indicating the existence of files in the selected folder, this is nothing to worry about. This warning informs you of the existence of original server files in the folder. At the end of the installation, a new “forge” file will be found in the folder. This is the moddata version of the server. You can then start the mods by launching the new file.

However, be aware that accidental file corruption does not prevent and can lead to loss of information. In order to protect the newly installed file, it must be saved before starting the server with the modloader.

Check Compatibility with Java

If despite strict compliance with the above-detailed procedure, the server does not start, you must check Java. In fact, the version used is sometimes greater than that required. This does not allow the server to function properly. You must then uninstall the current Java and install the required version or use a local copy of Java unique to the server.

However, to obtain optimal functionality from the server, the local copy of the server appears to be the best solution.

Insert mods on the game server

Installing the new server is not enough. Its execution is contingent on entering the mods in the desired paths. Mods are downloadable from different websites. Once the mod files have been inserted in the given path, it is enough to restart the server which, this time, will have already loaded the indicated mods and will be ready for its use.

To add plug-ins to a mods server, you have to proceed in stages. First, you have to correctly download the modloaders and ensure their compatibility with Java. After downloading the mods must be entered in their path to run.

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