How to find a private taxi driver in Casablanca ?

The rental of private taxis is a practice that is currently on the rise in some cities such as Casablanca. However, when you do not know these different towns, you will certainly have a hard time finding them. How to find a private taxi driver in Casablanca? Here are some guidelines that will help you do this.

Use internet

It is now possible to have direct contact with a private taxi driver in Casablanca by going on the internet.

Private taxis online

Online there are private transport companies that offer you, private drivers. In Casablanca, there are many. Their telephone contact, as well as their e-mail address, are available on their site. The vehicles offered are of different ranges and are driven by private drivers who are in most cases experienced drivers.

Booking applications

On the internet, there are also applications for booking private taxis. These take into account all your needs and your budget. To offer you the best possible services, an information sheet is provided to you. You must fill it in by specifying your destination, your place of departure, your time and date of departure, etc. After completing the form, you can then consult the cost of the requested service.

Take information

If you are not a user of online services, you can obtain information from individuals located in Casablanca. They will certainly guide you to the different places where private drivers park.

Usually, they are found near airports, hotels, cafes, etc. They are also found in areas of high human concentrations such as near shopping centers. Taxi parks are also good places to find a taxi driver in Casablanca.

Good to know!

To find a serious private taxi driver in Casablanca, there are a few things you need to pay attention to.

Make a choice according to your needs

The services offered to you by private taxi drivers in Casablanca are numerous. It can be a long-term rental or a short-term rental.

Several categories of vehicles are also available. Some are top of the range and have a Wi-Fi connection, a pole to connect a PC, a small television, etc.

Thus, to make a judicious choice, certain parameters must be taken into account:

  • the distance to travel
  • the quality of the vehicle
  • your budget.

You must also take into account the event for which you are traveling.

Use a formal research channel and be vigilant

When looking for a private taxi, you have to be really skillful, so you don’t fall into the net of outlaws. Several kidnappings have been carried out in the city of Casablanca using this mode. Also, you must learn about the current pricing practice in order to avoid being the victim of over-billing.

In short, it is very easy to find a private taxi driver in Casablanca. Several online platforms and applications will help you with this. However, during this research process, you must be very careful.


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