How does the quran help muslims obey god ?

The holy books are present in all religions. These precious works contain the most important messages for the faithful. Islam is no exception to this rule and the Quran is the reference book in Islam. For Muslims, it represents a very important proof of discernment and of the path to follow in order to please God by obeying him. Here we explain to you how the Quran helps Muslims to obey God.

What is the Quran?

The Koran is a sacred text in Islam. For faithful Muslims, it is the word of God (Allah). This book is to this day the very first authentic literary document discovered in Arabic. Muslim tradition presents it as the oldest work ever written in this language. After much research, it has been given the specific character of a non-imitable document, so unique is its beauty, its structure, its moral and ethical principles. It represents a deep ocean of knowledge and learning that guides faithful Muslims from birth until their last breath.

The Quran to obey God

The Qur’an is a work in which Allah the Almighty has blessed Muslims with a comprehensive code of living. Indeed, it contains recommendations concerning all aspects of life and each person must know and apply to remain in the good graces of Allah.

The Qur’an is the absolute Truth that dispels uncertainties, doubts, and lies to enable Man to accomplish the mission that Allah has entrusted to him on this earth. It provides a lot of information on many topics of everyday life such as marital prohibitions, laws concerning inheritance, the conditions under which to perform the fast, etc. By knowing this Truth, man will be able to avoid indulging in inclinations which Allah does not wish for him. He will thus be able to pursue a rich and full life in serenity, knowing that he is accomplishing the will of his God.

The Qur’an also teaches Muslims how to worship Almighty Allah. Since man is a mere creature, he is not entitled to know with precision what form of worship his creator expects from him. As a result, man will venerate his God as it should and be able to live a life fulfilled in the graces of his God by reading the Koran daily.

Recommendations on the use of the Quran

Acquisition and mastery of the Quran are compulsory for every Muslim. He will have to open it and meditate on it every day. Reading this holy book requires emptying yourself and silence around you. He also says that the pages of this blessed book should be turned with an intelligent hand.

This means that while reading the Quran, you should let yourself be permeated by the suras and really understand their meanings in order to apply them better in your daily life. Mastery of the Holy Quran is a highly necessary primary learning which is the solution to all the problems and questions in the life of any Muslim.

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