How to recover a lost cat ?

Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world. They are warm, friendly, easy to cater for and can be an emotional support. How to recover a lost cat can be quite tricky. Indeed, the efforts to do so can be emotionally draining and physically demanding. Here are some tips that will be of help.

Search your Home and Neighborhood Thoroughly

Cats can be very funny at times, they can be at home and yet you will feel they are lost. They are fond of lurking around in obscure and hidden places—discovering new hideouts and cozy spots. In most cases, they may be sleeping in hidden areas you wouldn’t have at the back of your mind.

To recover a lost cast, ensure you find and ransack the home properly. Also, most cats run far away from their home and owners because they feel the need to emotionally connect to their neighborhood. Hence, not only should you search your home but also search your neighborhood. Speak to your neighbors about your missing cat and if they also check in their compound.

Inform Law Enforcement or Animal Control

Law enforcement or animal control are the first point of contact when people identify stray cats. Furthermore, they have a database updated daily with all the lost animals in their custody. Reaching out or contacting them can make recovery of the lost cat much faster and a lot easier.

Post Flyers of the Lost Cat

One of the best ways for lost cat recovery or to increase your chances of finding the cat is to post well-informed or informative flyers. The flyers should be posted in strategic areas and should include information like:

  • Picture of the cat;
  • Phone number/Email of the owner;
  • Home address.

You can also add the description of the cat like fur color, neck chain color, etc.

Take a Trip to Nearby Animal Shelters

Animal Shelters are one of the best places to look for stray cats. Most animals that are lost and found are mostly recovered through animal shelters. In most cases, when people can’t identify the rightful owners of lost animals, they simply ever drop them at the animal shelters. Hence, ensure the picture of the cat is with you, for easier access and recognition.

Use Facebook

This method may seem unconventional but utilizing social media, mostly Facebook, can increase your chances of recovering your lost cat. You can upload the picture of the cat and then opt for paid Ads. The latter will boost the page to a wider audience that can be location specific.

It will make it possible to reach out to people within your locality getting the necessary information they need as regards the recovery of your lost cat.

Attract the Cat Home

Cats are very sensitive and smart animals. They do long for home and no matter where they go they always have the heart to come back home because they miss their owners.

So, one of the best ways to recover the lost cat is by placing food and water outside the door. Their favorite meal preferably, as it will let them know that they are always welcome. Their sense of smell will attract them home mostly when they are hungry and thirsty.

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