How to rank in seo, on page optimization and articles directories ?

SEO or optimization for search engines refers to the creation of content, to enrich it in order to ensure its promotion. This referencing would make it possible to climb in the first places of the results of the search engines. It will therefore be essential to know how to go about optimizing your SEO and gain visibility.

Search engine referencing: the case of Google

SEO is the set of techniques that register the website in search engines and improve the ranking of its web pages in the results provided by these same search engines. So, we could say that their objective is to offer its users a list of pages answering in the most relevant way to the questions that Internet users ask themselves.

For Google, this relevance is evaluated by a certain number of parameters: the keywords, the number of links to the site, the site update frequency. The evaluation is made by robots that will make unexpected visits to your site in order to retrieve the information necessary for the referencing of your site. Thus, to improve the relevance of a page, we should think about improving these parameters as much as possible. Cleverly, we know that the best answer to the question posed by the Internet user is perhaps a good strategy for natural referencing.

Improve your content, a way to optimize your ranking in SEO

In terms of SEO, rule # 1 is the production of quality content. This is the trick that always prevails over others to hope to boost your SEO. The optimization of its content and the improvement of its visibility are ensured by the choice of keywords. After choosing the right keywords, you should position them in strategic places: at the title level, from the first words of your introduction, in a natural and regular way to guide search engines.

Also, it is not recommended to have loaded pages. In this case, it is better to divide large pages into small ones, since this is a factor taken into consideration by search engines in the context of SEO. The more pages there are, the higher the consideration. In improving its content, filling in the tags of its page, although invisible, is still essential to improve SEO.

Improve your SEO thanks to its design

The design of your site has an important role in its SEO. This involves the fact that we can create content capable of displaying optimal ergonomics on all types of screens. This aspect is highlighted by certain search engines such as Google.

At the same time, we must try to make the user experience pleasant. This requires the readability of the content, the ease of navigation, the ergonomics, and the technical aspect of its page. We can go further by creating a day or night mode, a customer area, or by creating visual clues to guide users. Consideration should be given to creating shareable content. Having a perfect design is good. However, having a design that does not load in less than 3 seconds could be a handicap in search engine ranking.

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