How much sugar is safe after workout bodybuilding ?

During a weight training session, our body increases its glucose consumption. Thus, the stock of glucose being limited, it is advisable to renew it by consuming sugar after these efforts. However, it is necessary to measure the quantity to consume in order to avoid any dysfunction of the organism. This article will give you more insight into the subject.

Why consume sugar after a weight training session?

During moderate or intense physical activity, hypoglycemia is noticed (a drop in blood sugar levels) in the individual. This is due to the transformation of carbohydrates into energy. And it is this energy that allows the person to be able to provide efforts.

However, glucose is used by the body as physical activity increases. Thus, once this substance is used up, the body uses the reserves stored in the liver. This too, when it is exhausted, will direct the supply of glucose to the reserves of the muscles. Consequently, it will cause exhaustion, even fatigue, of the individual, thus reducing his ability to provide physical exertion.

At this stage, the person will be prone to hypoglycemia. This can have consequences on the functioning of his body if it is not corrected. It can be manifested by cravings, mood swings, pallor, blurred vision, feeling weak, sweating, etc.

This is the reason why it is very strongly advised to consume sugar after having done sport in order to avoid possible risks. Indeed, at these times the fact of consuming it maximizes the synthesis of proteins and glycogen 6.

However, care must be taken to respect the type of sugar as well as the amount of sugar before ingestion.

How much sugar should I consume after a weight training session?

As has been said previously, sugar is, in a way, the body’s fuel. It is, therefore, an essential food, especially if you are used to exercising.

However, there are two types of sugar namely slow sugar and fast sugar. As for slow sugar, it has a low blood sugar level. That is to say, it generates energy sustainably in the body. For fast sugar, it’s quite the opposite. Its digestion is done quickly in order to correct the drop in blood sugar levels in the body. It is therefore the type of sugar that should be favored after a weight training session.

Here are some examples of foods to eat for a quick source of sugar:

  • the fruits,
  • applesauce or
  • dextrose.

You can also eat a meal consisting of about 60 g of bread, 300 g of starchy foods, and fresh (150 g) and dried (40 g) fruits.

However, after muscle activity, it is important to respect the following instructions.

After 1 to 1 hour and 30 minutes of muscular activity, it is necessary to consume during the first three hours 30 g of sugar per hour. Beyond these hours, you should take 60 g of sugar per hour. If you do not strictly follow these instructions, you can take a protein shaker, whey protein. It aims to ensure good recovery and good protein synthesis after the effort.


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