How to team building activities ?

For the sake of uniting your team, you may want to consider organizing team building activities. If you don’t know how to go about it, here we offer tips for a successful team building activity.

Define your goals

You need to know exactly why you are organizing this activity for your team. We all know it’s to strengthen the team or to increase its effectiveness. The leader must adapt this assumption to his team. He must ask himself the reason for this event. Organization can result from several changes within the team. In this case, he plans to organize the activities so that employees can get to know each other better and learn to work together.

On the other hand, team building can be considered, because the leader notices a lack of management among his employees. Doing team building is not easy. Set goals for yourself, so you know what categories of activity to do during the event.

Prepare the Team Building

The company can decide to organize the event itself. The latter can also entrust it to a structure specialized in the field.

In the first case, the leader approaches the participants in the team building activities in order to find out their preferences. Beforehand, the latter develops its content taking into account the objectives it aims to achieve. In order not to sound like a dictator and make the day boring, he submits his content to the participants in order to get the various opinions for a successful day.

In the second case, which seems more expensive, the manager calls on a specialized company with which he discusses. You submit your goals to this company. She discusses with each participant in order to identify a common point and to designate the best activities to make the event unforgettable. The company will take its budget and employee availability into account when determining the duration of the team building.

Which team building activities to choose from?

The team building activities to choose from must best meet your expectations. Here are some possible activities for you.

Call on creativity

The aim of this activity is to improve participants’ ability to solve problems in the most natural and relaxed way possible. This will involve forming teams and giving each of them some objects (paperclip, pen, etc.). Each participant must use the object in their possession in an atypical way than their ordinary use. In doing so, they will develop the ability to face challenges with innovation.

Develop confidence

This kind of activity will need you to form teams of two or three people maximum. Depending on the number, one or two people will be blindfolded. The other will be responsible for verbally guiding him so that he can achieve a goal. This activity facilitates trust between employees. They will learn to listen and to trust.

What to remember?

At the end of the team building, each participant must return home with one or more unexpected qualities. You need to make sure that each of them leaves with a pleasant memory and a feeling of wanting to talk about it. Making a summary within each department allows the manager to know if his objective has been reached.

The most important thing is to keep the goal of sight and achieve it. Organize team building activities regularly to keep staff motivated and engaged. This becomes part of your regular business activities and will help maintain staff.

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