How to use voice control home automation ?

Do you want to control your house or do practical tasks without having to lift a finger? Home automation is a solution that allows you to manage the lighting system, door, fan and AC power in your home. It also ensures the security of the house and provides an emergency system to activate in the event of a problem. So, do you want to know more about this new solution which reduces human efforts? Find out here how to use home automation voice control for your home automation?

The connections required to use home automation voice control

To install a home automation voice control in your home, you will need a number of hardware items. These include the Arduino board, a 2-channel relay module, a Bluetooth module (HC-05), an Android phone and a “BRAIN”.


Arduino is a connection system represented by a microcontroller board located on the ATmega328P. It is equipped with 14 digital input and output pins of which 6 can be used as PWM outputs. It has 6 analog inputs, USB connection, 16 MHz quartz crystal, ICSP header, reset button and power jack. Simply plug it into a computer using a USB cable or AC adapter to make the basic connections for using your home automation voice control.


To establish a reliable link between your mobile phone and the microcontroller, the Bluetooth module (HC-05) is essential. Indeed, the HC-05 is a low-power connectivity system that is easily operated with the Bluetooth serial port protocol. The system features 2.0 connectivity, enhanced data rate, base band, and 3Mbps modulation with a full 2.4 GHZ radio transceiver. You just need to use the Bluetooth profile and the architecture of the Android platform to develop various Bluetooth applications to allow your home automation voice control to be used.


To use home automation voice control in your home, you will also need a relay. This tool acts as an electromagnetic switch. It will therefore be used to activate or deactivate the system by applying a voltage through its contacts. For efficient home automation voice control, it is generally recommended to use a 2-channel 5 V relay.


Android was one of the very first open-source operating systems. You can therefore use it free of charge for home automation voice control in your home. Also, it has been designed on the open Linux kernel, so it makes use of a custom JAVA virtual machine allowing it to optimize hardware resources in all mobile environments. Let us add that the Bluetooth system works thanks to the Android application.

The software used for home automation voice control are mainly IDE Arduino and AMR VOICE.

Using home automation voice control

The bottom component for using home automation voice control is the Arduino Uno. Therefore, you will first need to burn an Arduino bootloader and sketch downloader to start using your system. Remember that this bootloader must be programmed under an ISP program controller.

You will then need to use a 12V output power adapter as the input to the voice-activated Arduino system. The relays will be plugged into the Arduino output pins and will act as switches to the loads.

Because the voice recognition software is built into the Android system, you can use it to create a network that allows you to automate the devices in your home. To do this, you will need to use the wireless communication system of the Bluetooth module as a remote control. It will therefore have to be connected to the control unit in order to detect all the signals sent by your Android voice application.

Once the network is completely installed, you just have to launch the Android application “ANDROID MEETS ROBOT” each time you want to perform a voice command.

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