What are the safe accounting software ?

Keeping good accounts is fundamental to the good health of any business. However, it is not always easy to set up, given its complexity. This is why accounting software appears as the solution indicated to have a transparent vision of the finances of his company. If you are having trouble choosing the software that suits you best, here is the list of the most secure accounting software available today.

SAP software

SAP, understood as “Systems Applications and Products in data Processing”, is a German branded secure accounting software. Well known in the world of compatibility, this software is broken down into several versions, each adapted to a specific industry.

The duo version (SAP Financial and Costing) is ideal for making all accounting entries for sales and purchases of goods or merchandise. It is suitable for general accounting as well as cost accounting. SAP accounting software has several advantages, including:

  • Reducing the risk of inconsistencies in accounting information;
  • Improving coordination between the various accounting services and other departments of the company;
  • Automatic sharing of integrated information with other departments of the company, which helps to increase employee autonomy;
  • Software compatibility with operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Solari and Unix.

Sage software

Sage is a secure accounting software specially designed for SMEs and very small businesses. Depending on your business goals, Sage provides you with different subscriptions.

The Sage Business Cloud Accounting & Invoicing offer

It is a software which takes into account the invoicing and the management of the cash flow, namely: the edition and the management of the invoices, the general presentation of the finances of the company, the follow-up of the expenses and the receipts, as well as the automation of VAT.

The Sage 50cloud Ciel Compta offer

This accounting software makes it possible to establish the management of quotes, loans, invoices, payments, assets, delivery notes, fixed assets, etc.

The Sage 100cloud Accounting offer

It is undoubtedly the most successful accounting software from Sage. Its advantages include:

  • The ability to connect, or even synchronize with the Google Drive account;
  • The existence of the online format available on mobile and automatically updated;
  • Software compliant with the anti-fraud law on VAT;
  • The dematerialization of invoices integrated after scan / photo, directly dragged into the accounting database;
  • The ability to manually enter data in a log;
  • The taking into account of several currencies by the software…

Sky software

Ciel accounting software is designed for SMEs. In particular, it allows them to make more easily the entry of accounting entries, the income statement, the edition of the balance sheet, etc. The Ciel software also enables bank reconciliation and processing of bank statements. Other advantages :

  • It allows you to have the key figures of the company at any time from the dashboard (turnover, customer/supplier deadlines, pending invoices, results, etc.);
  • It is easily installed and quick to use;
  • It simplifies relations with accountants thanks in particular to the sharing of information;
  • It makes it possible to set up cost and forecast accounting;
  • It is compatible with the Mooncard management software.

In summary, there is a variety of secure accounting software out there. However, you need to choose the one that suits your needs and your budget.


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